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We have many ways to get involved with SWE for both students and alumni. We offer a variety of committees and apprenticeships, and events for our alumni.

For Students

For students, the best way to get involved in SWE at UC Berkeley is to become a general member, join a committee, or become an apprentice. In addition, we have a variety of social and professional events we host for students, as well as volunteering opportunities. Every month, we have a general meeting which is open to all students which serves as a great way to meet the officers and learn more about the SWE community. Officer positions open at the end of each semester for those who are interested in applying.

Most of our information is on slack, so if you're interested, please join here:

NOTE: This page is currently being updated! For now, please refer to these links for the most updated info of Spring 2024:

Our Platforms

Societal Committees

Officer: Solyana Beyene (Equity and Inclusion) & Riya Jain & Migdalia Sanchez

This semester, the Equity and Inclusion (E&I) and Advocacy committees are combining to form one super committee—twice the opportunity to concretely work towards making the SWE community a more inclusive one, and one that stands as a force for change in the UC Berkeley engineering community and beyond! Committee members will have the opportunity to help host more traditional SWE events like the second General Meeting and resource workshops, but they’ll also have the opportunity to pursue passion projects (with support!) to enact structural change across the SWE section, including in other sectors! It’s an exciting semester to be in the E&I and Advocacy committee, and we encourage you to apply!
Officer: Sharicka Zutshi

The academic committee will work closely with faculty members, graduate students, and research representatives to plan and host events about academic experiences. As a committee member you will help plan research talks, homework parties, professors lunch, lab tours, graduate student coffee chats, and an end of the semester research symposium. There will be plenty of opportunity to network with professors and graduate students from the different engineering majors. Join the academic committee if you are interested in research opportunities, graduate school, networking, learning more about other engineering majors and the great things people are achieving through research!
Officer: Lauren Lee

The Mentorship Committee will assist the Mentorship Chair in the planning of the SWE Mentorship Programs by setting up mentor/mentee pairs, organizing social events, and creating a smaller community for SWE members. SWE offers three mentorship opportunities: the SWEster Program (pairing UC Berkeley members), GGS x SWE (pairing with industry members within SWE), and GWE x SWE (pairing with graduate women in engineering members).
Officer: Zamama Zafar

As a Transfer Outreach committee member, you'll be hosting events for current transfer students at Cal, in addition to fostering community with community colleges to help prospective transfers with the application and transition process. We'll be planning outreach events by hosting panels, tours, etc. for students interested in coming to Cal! We'll also be working internally on campus to improve the transfer student experience to make it more inclusive and supportive. No experience required and you don't need to be a transfer student to apply--definitely looking for apprentices who will bring their unique and diverse ideas and perspectives!
Officers: Vivian Chung & Yeiji Lee
Term: Spring

The Overnight Host Program Committee (OHP) is responsible for overseeing two, single day-long events (one online and one in-person) prior to CalDay that gives incoming non-male engineers their first experience as UC Berkeley Engineer. Responsibilities range from inviting professors to events, matching pen pals between admitted and current engineering students, designing admit packages to be shipped and organizing online and in-person activities for incoming admits! This is a wonderful opportunity if you have been positively affected by OHP yourself and/or are looking for a way to give back to the community that made you feel a part of the College of Engineering during your freshman year. We look forward to meeting you and working with you as part of the SWE OHP committee.
Officer: Avery Chen

Interested in design, art, and marketing? Join the Public Relations Committee to learn and develop your skills within procreate, canva, and adobe programs such as photoshop and illustrator. Committee members will keep all SWE members informed about our events and opportunities, and help create and distribute weekly SWEmails, Facebook events and covers, promotional flyers, and design merchandise such as stickers or tote bags. Members will also have the opportunity to expand their leadership by organizing design workshops! Anyone with a background or passion in art is encouraged to apply, but prior experience is not required ^_^
Officer: Olivia Kris & Annie Lin

Do you love content creation? Want to help spice up the SWE TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or any of the other social media platforms for SWE? Join the Social Media committee! You’ll help design marketing materials, posts, social media challenges, and more.
Officer: Sadhika Akula

Join SWE's web committee to help out with updating and maintaining our website, membership database, and hosting our SWE podcast! Our work will mainly consist of HTML, CSS, React.js, JavaScript, and Bootstrap elements. This semester we will be building the new SWE website so it'll be a great learning opportunity if you're interested in web development. Little to no experience is totally okay, but willingness to learn is emphasized and everyone is encouraged to apply!
Officers: Amelyn Phang & Zhaoyi Chen
Term: Fall and Spring

Team Tech is a national competition run by SWE and sponsored by Boeing in which a team at school works with an industry partner on a project. The company and project is of each team’s choosing. Teams are evaluated both on the end product quality and the ability of the team to work together. Project proposals may be submitted during the fall semester after which teams may begin their work. The final report is due at the end of the spring semester, and the presentations occur at the SWE fall conference.

Professional Committees

Officers: Grace Qian & Amanda Shiu

Shadow an Engineer is SWE's externship program that takes place over Spring Break and provides undergraduate engineering students an opportunity to experience what it is like to be a full-time engineer at a company. This semester there will be two apprentice positions open for dedicated students who are interested in helping to put together our program by directly communicating with companies, working on student relations, and helping publicize the program. In addition, these apprentices will participate in an externship program and contribute to a blog post towards the end of the semester.
Officers: Rebecca Costa & Faye Liu
Term: Spring

Startup Spring is a series of career and recruiting events connecting startups with SWEsters interested in working in the startup environment. We are partnering with various startups to promote entrepreneurship, women founders, and women in tech to host professional development events and info-sessions with startups. Our major event will be a field trip to a local Bay Area startup’s office for a lunch and women panel. Committee members will be responsible for managing the logistics, publicity, and corporate relations of each event. We highly recommend this committee to anyone interested in professional development, event planning, corporate relations, startup culture, and networking with organizations, from startups to accelerators!
Officer: Allison Hong & Swetha Rajkumar
Term: Spring

The Career Options committee is focused on planning and hosting events to expose the engineering community to career paths outside of traditional engineering roles. Our committee will be working on brainstorming unique, interesting events, coordinating backend logistics, and hosting and promoting events throughout the semester. As a corporate committee, there will also be plenty of opportunities for professional development and networking. Join Career Options if you are interested in learning about opportunities outside of traditional engineering!
Term: Fall

Evening with Industry is SWE's premier networking event. Last year, we hosted more than 150 of UC Berkeley's best and brightest engineering students to meet with companies from all different engineering disciplines. EWI connects employers to students on a more personal and professional level through a career fair and a sit-down dinner.
Term: Fall

The Professional Development Month Committee is a group responsible for developing the professional skills of students as well as connecting them to companies in the industry that teaches them these attributes. As a part of this committee, you will be a part of a team that hosts workshops with company representatives. You will also have the opportunity to learn about valuable development and networking skills. In the past, we have worked with companies such as Google, Stripe, Illumina, and more in creating events for the SWE community.

Outreach Committees

Officers: Amelyn Phang & Breanna Yang

SWE Science Saturdays [Grades 4-5] and SWE Science Scholars [Grades 6-8] are free, monthly programs conducted by UC Berkeley STEM students geared towards teaching young students the fundamentals of science and engineering through hands-on activities and experiments supplemented by presentations and workshops on scientific concepts. During this program, students of all genders will have the opportunity to complete various hands-on STEM activities and experiments while improving their STEM foundation and building on their existing knowledge. This semester (Spring 2024), we are planning and hosting in-person events on February 3rd, March 9th, April 8th, and April 27th from 10 am - 12:30 pm. Some examples of previous experiments we have conducted are Marble Roller Coasters, Aerodynamic Models for Airplanes, Rubber-Band Powered Boat, Strawberry DNA Extraction, and Creating a Battery using Cents.

As a SWE Science committee member, you will have the opportunity to:
> Design and test lesson plans for both programs
> Host and volunteer at the sessions
> Interact with the students and assist them with their experiments
> Plan and create science kit activities to be used by 4th-8th grade students
> Gain important interpersonal and leadership skills!
Officers: America Castañeda & Kayla Lowenberg

The High School Engineering Program aspires to foster a nurturing environment for non-male high school students to learn and explore their interests in engineering. Our 10-week program takes place every Saturday, from 9 am to 12 pm, from February 10th to April 27th. Mentors come in at the 5-week mark to help lead a technical project of their choice with a group of 4-6 high school students. If you join our committee as a mentor, you will be able to represent the engineering field of your choice by taking on leadership responsibilities and passing on your skills to others. In addition, no experience is necessary at all! If you have any questions, please reach out to
Officer: Cecilia Tran & Heather Wei

SWE++ is a 9-week program introducing Python programming to middle school girls which will be hosted every Saturday morning from 10 am–12 pm (committee members will be expected to arrive by 9:30 am) *in person (on Berkeley campus) starting from February 17th and ending on April 20th. As a committee member, you may be reaching out to other schools to help expand our program, help run logistics within the Berkeley program, teach the students, help plan our end-of-the-semester event, and much more! We’ll also be having committee socials throughout the semester so if you’re looking to get to know more fellow SWE members as well as teach young students, this is a committee for you!
Officer: Jessica Young

Tech Day is a day-long conference on April 6th, 2024 from 9 am to 2 pm for middle school female and non-binary identifying students to gain more exposure to Computer Science and technology. Students are encouraged to showcase their projects during the conference. And, there will be hands-on workshops in both hardware and software, engaging STEM and career panels, as well as ample opportunities for students to bond with each other as well as get to know current UC Berkeley STEM students.
As a committee member, you will be contributing to event planning and have the autonomy to implement your ideas! Some responsibilities as a committee member include:
> Plan and host workshops/activities during the conference.
> Host office hours and project workshops for middle school students.
> Manage communications with schools, parents, students, professors, and volunteers.
> Design and manage marketing materials (i.e. logo, stickers, graphics, newsletters).
> Learn how to host a large-scale SWE event.
Join Tech Day if you are interested in our mission of inspiring and fostering future engineers in addition to growing your leadership, interpersonal, and planning skills!
Officer: N/A (check back in Fall for Engineering Day!)
Term: Fall

Engineering Day is a carnival-style free event designed to encourage young elementary school children (K - 3rd grade) in the Bay Area to learn about STEM and participate in various themed booth activities. If you are interested in helping to organize the event and working with kindergarten children, please reach out to volunteer or join the Engineering Day committee!.


Officer: Rebecca Costa
Society and Alumni Relations plan events with other collegiate SWE sections, alumni, and professional sections. One to two apprentices will assist with event planning and communications. Please join if you would like to collaborate with students from other colleges or have any fun ideas for events involving alumni!
Officer: Yeiji Lee & CJ Hines

Do you want an opportunity to get more involved in SWE by giving back to its members? Being an apprentice for the social committee allows you the opportunity to foster a stress-free environment, with guaranteed laughter and smiles. Help coordinate fun activities with the Membership Director. It is a great stepping stone into becoming a more active SWEster and be able to see a behind-the-scene glimpse in the planning process.
Officer: Jennifer Toy & Inas Zulaikha Binti Anwar Syahrin

The Intersocietal and Social Committees work closely together planning events for the SWE community and collaborating with other engineering organizations. By joining these committees, you get to meet new people and host social events that include: breakfasts, destress events, holiday-related events, game nights, banquets, and many others. You also have the chance to create new events for our community and others to enjoy!

For Alumni

Alumnis posing together at brunch.
Group picture of current and graduated SWE members.

Our alumni go on to successful careers in all fields of engineering, and become role models and mentors for current undergraduate students. Alumni can stay in touch with UCB SWE through our alumni newsletter, our LinkedIn presence, and more. Alumni near Berkeley are also invited to the several alumni socials we hold each semester. In addition, many alumni choose to stay involved with the national Society of Women Engineers as professional members.

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  • Strong network of women engineers from academia, government and industry, corporate representatives, government officials, etc.

Collegiate to Career (C2C)
For a one-time $50 payment, collegiate members can secure a SWE membership for their collegiate years through the first year they qualify for professional grade membership.
SWE Membership is available for $20 to college students majoring in engineering and must be renewed annually to obtain membership benefits.
Take advantage of a reduced joint membership rate when you join SWE and one of these three professional organizations: The American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE).