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Supporting both students and professionals, SWE consists of over 37,000 members in 100 professional sections and 300 student sections. The UC Berkeley student section has been established since 1975.

Our SWE Section Mission

The UC Berkeley SWE section strives to support the next generation of women and non-binary engineers by: providing professional development resources and networking opportunities to help students navigate the start of their careers; hosting socials to connect engineers with others in their area of study; organizing STEM advocacy and inclusion workshops, encouraging both women and non-binary engineers and allies to fight for an equitable workplace; and leading outreach programs for local K-12 students — geared especially towards underrepresented youth — to help them learn more about STEM.

2019 team tech teammates holding task light product.
SWE members at the annual SWE conference.
Photobooth picture of members from SWE 19 conference.

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What opportunities does SWE provide for UC Berkeley students?
SWE organizes many different events for students throughout the semester. We hold infosessions and career workshops with our sponsors, giving students the unique opportunity to network with industry leaders and professionals. There are also volunteer opportunities through our various outreach programs. Furthermore, we have socials and hangouts for members to come and have fun together. We also can't forget about our advocacy, equity, and inclusion focused workshops! To stay up to date with all the latest events, sign up for our weekly SWEmails!
What opportunities does SWE provide for elementary, middle school, and high school students?
SWE has many different outreach programs for all elementary, middle school, high school, and prospective students. To learn more about them visit our outreach page.
Who can join?
SWE is open to all UC Berkeley students who are interested! Our members come from a diverse background of engineers and other STEM-related fields. Regardless of major, gender, and identities, SWE is an inclusive space for anyone who is passionate about Gender Equality in STEM.
How can I get involved in SWE?
The best way to get involved is to become a committee member and/or apprentice. Our committee applications open at our first General Meeting of the semester. Our officer applications open towards the end of every semester. To learn more about each position visit our get involved page.
Our company is interested in partnering with SWE. Where do we start?
We're excited to have you join us! You can view our corporate package and learn more at our corporate page.
How is SWE responding to the COVID-19 pandemic?
We have shifted all of our programs, events, and workshops online. We are continuing to follow safety precautions and are carefully tracking campus updates.
More questions?
You can email us at swe.berkeley@gmail.com for any of your inquiries. We try to respond as soon as possible.